Cali Steam E-Liquids

Taking on the Vape Industry

For 6 years, I worked as a partner at Cali Steam, a premium e-liquid company formed in sunny Southern California. We were driven to produce the best e-juice on the market and make the most stylish branding to accompany it. There were multiple iterations of the branding due to the shifting nature of the industry, with packaging updates happening frequently due to changing regulations from the FDA. I’m very proud of the work I did with Cali Steam, because I believe vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and can help many people get off of cigarettes. I myself have been vaping for 7 years without a single cigarette. I couldn’t have done it without vaping or without Cali Steam.

A True Wild West Startup

Our original line-up of flavors was massive. We had over 30 flavors to choose from. Our bottles were packaged in amber glass to preserve flavor longer and had drip toppers that dispensed the juice. This was fairly standard e-juice packaging at the time.

Original Branding
Label Icon Design
Bottle Mockups


Menu Designs

Our packaging continued to evolve, as well as our menus and marketing. We eventually used moved on to matte finish labels with metallic spot UV coating on the gold branding elements. Our caps became child resistant with a plastic break-seal. You can visualize this transition in between the two menus below. The line was narrowed down to fewer flavors to make sure we could focus on creating the best quality.

Poster Designs

As part of a giveaway, we designed these posters to build the brand even further. They eventually became tee shirts for Cali Steam as well.

Custom Packaging

These packaging concepts below are examples of some of the creative and unique packaging layouts we designed.

Cali Steam E-liquids Redesigned
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