From an early age, Cameron has pursued his passion for art. Selling his first sketch in the second grade made him realize early on that this was the career path for him. When others wanted to be firemen or police officers, Cameron always wanted to be an “artist”.


With over 15 years of professional experience, Cameron has come to be knowledgeable and skilled at many arenas within the design realm.


After being featured in RAW Artist Orange County’s 2014 Local Artists Showcase and receiving a lot of buzz over his recent painting endeavors, Cameron decided to pursue the California Roots Live Painting Wild Card Contest and won the contest out of the top 5 selected artists!


For years, Cameron has been blessed to work with some of the largest names in reggae rock including the Dirty Heads, Stick Figure, and many more.

Original Work. Live painted.

Each with a story to tell.

Most of my original work derives from my experiences as a live painter, channeling music through each brushstroke and captivating the moments and emotions I feel on stage. I have the pleasure of painting on stage with the Dirty Heads, Stick Figure, Tribal Seeds, and many more musicians in the reggae genre. Each piece has a story to tell and each are blessed by the energy of the moment it was created live on stage with my favorite musicians.



Vector illustration that can scale to size of the face of the moon. Let’s get as detailed as mathematically possible.


This cornerstone of your marketing and the first impression of the public. You need the right creative to start up your brand.


Building graphics for anything from billboards to brochures, it’s what I do.


This convergence of music and art should represent your band’s overall concept. I intend to help you realize that vision.


I would love to paint live on stage with your band. Book me for a sesh.


I learned to develop film and print my own photos when I was just 16. Since then I’ve shot some of the biggest acts in rock and roll history.


 I work in Adobe’s powerhouse software – After Effects, Premiere, and Animate – to create the desired combination of motion graphics.


For the last 15 years, I have been designing interfaces, web applications, and responsive websites.


Original Art by Cameron Schuyler

Artistry and craftsmanship is achieved by striving to create engaging experiences.

Design is meant to inform and inspire simultaneously, to ignite imagination while also stimulating your intellect. In my process, I must first find the meaning within the creative work.

Perfecting my craft is never complete. I am always striving to take my work to the next level with every piece I create, whether it be an animated marketing campaign advertised on social media or painting live with one of my favorite bands. I invite you to work together to take our creativity further and experiment with new concepts. Let’s do something original.

I have worked in the real estate and automotive marketing spaces for over 10 years as an Art Director and Director of Web Development. I am responsible for a generation of thousands of graphics and hundreds of websites.

Never compromising quality is of utmost importance when fulfilling your next big idea. I want to work with you to drive your brand towards new levels of success through visual experiences that put your product in the best possible light.


Always connected and happy to help with any of your questions.


Southern California, USA

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